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What Does Beauty Mean to You

6:30pm - 8:00pm

In honor of Mother's Day, join us for a mom's night out. Take part in our panel discussion on What Beauty Means to You, including the chemicals to be avoided in personal care products and how to find great alternatives. Participants include a representative from Beautycounter, the Breast Cancer Fund, and a mom just like you!

There will be goody bags available with lots of fun and safe beauty products for all who buy tickets in advance.

Your $10 donation benefits the Breast Cancer Fund, a San Francisco based non-profit that works to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease.

Buy tickets here.

Earth Day Event: All about Flame Retardants (And Stroller and Glider Giveaway!)

5:30pm - 8:00pm

Increase your awareness about flame retardant chemicals at an event featuring Arlene Blum, Director of the Green Science Policy Institute and star of the HBO documentary, Toxic Hot Seat.

Come early for a screening of the movie at 5:30 or just join us for discussion with Arlene afterwards.

At 7pm, Arlene Blum will give a short presentation followed by Q&A moderated by representatives of the San Francisco Department of the Environment.

Every guest will take home a FREE organic pajama set, courtesy of Apple Park!

We will be raffling off PRIZES including an organic breast feeding pillow, an organic crib mattress, an Orbit Baby Stroller System, and an all latex glider!

A $10 donation to the Green Science Policy Institute buys the entry fee and raffle ticket.

Buy tickets here

Baby Sign Language Introductory Workshop

11:00am - 12:30pm

Learn more than 40 basic signs that are based on American Sign Language (ASL).  Discover the important benefits of signing and all the techniques of teaching your pre-verbal baby to sign.  Fun activities and songs will show you how easy it is to integrate simple signs into your everyday routine.  Birth to 18 months.

To learn more or to regsiter for the class, click here.

Infant & Child CPR Certification

6:00pm- 8:30pm

CPR, Or Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is used on anybody who has stopped breathing or whose heart has stopped beating, Choking, drowning, or other unforeseen events can cause this emergency situation. Knowing what to do in an instant can save your child’s life. Certification offered through American Red Cross and/or American Heart Association. Your NewboRN Solutions, Inc. instructor is a Registered Nurse with hospital experience in an emergency or critical care setting.  Class is $55 per person and space is very limited.  Please visit Newborn Solutions to register.

6 Week Playgroup Zoom Baby Sign Language Class

11:00am - 12:00pm

Fridays,  May 9 - June 20

This six-week playgroup is a fun opportunity for you to build your signing vocabulary with themes like mealtime, animals, colors, family, bedtime, and more. Playgroup Zoom includes the essential basic starter signs and vary in the more advanced vocabulary.  It is recommended that you enroll in the Introductory Workshop prior to taking this playgroup series. 

Early Bird Price: $125 per individual/$185 per couple.

For more information and to register please click here.

Check out a video of our sign teacher and some of his students here.

Read an interview with our teacher here.

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4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4–4 :45 pm Tutu Toddlers
4 :45 –5 :30 am Hop Skip Twirl
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4–4 :45 pm Tutu Toddlers
4 :45 –5 :30 am Hop Skip Twirl
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4–4 :45 pm Tutu Toddlers
4 :45 –5 :30 am Hop Skip Twirl
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4–4 :45 pm Tutu Toddlers
4 :45 –5 :30 am Hop Skip Twirl
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4–4 :45 pm Tutu Toddlers
4 :45 –5 :30 am Hop Skip Twirl
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Weekly Events


  • 4:15pm - 4:45pm -- Story Time with JAMaROO


  • 4:00pm - 4:30pm -- Yoga with JAMaROO



  • 10:15am - 11am -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class 
  • 11:15am - 12pm -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class 
  • 4:00pm - 4:45pm -- Tutu Toddlers ( No class on 3/19)
  • 4:45pm - 5:30pm -- Hop Skip Twirl ( No class on 3/19)


  • 10:15am - 11am -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class 
  • 11:15am -- 12pm -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class



Class Descriptions

Let's All Sing Along Music Series

For children newborn to 4 years old. This entertaining music program stimulates a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development by incorporating vocal development, movement, listening and expression. Children experience various instruments, singing, storytelling, and dancing games from around the world. Children will learn about pitch, rhythm, musical notes, symbols and much more!  The drop-in rate will be $20.00 per class. Register online at:

Story Time

JAMaROO Kids’ Storytime Program is designed to enrich children’s imagination and creativity. It is their goal to broaden the student’s experiences of the world in which they live.

They will be providing the students with an introduction to cultures and traditions from all over the world, encouraging them to be respectful to others. Stories can come from the world’s oral traditions, fables, parables, fairy tales, folktales, myths and legends. Using the art of storytelling as well as the use of specially chosen books they bring each story to life. Sometimes this will include the use of puppets and other visual aids. Other times it may incorporate the use of song, dance and/or theater.  These drop-in classes are $10 per family.

Tutu Toddlers

The Tutu Toddler class is a Mommy/ Daddy/ Nanny and me experience not to be missed!  Perfect for children 18 months to 3 years old, the Tutu Toddlers begin exploring the world of music and movement alongside their parents.  These classes focus on the development of fine and gross motor skills as well as a cultivation of rhythmic awareness, and they provide the perfect environment for exercising imaginations. These drop in classes are $20 per child.

Hop Skip Twirl

hop.skip.twirl. presents dance and music in an irresistible, age-appropriate way for children ages 3 and 4. Each class, taught by Tutu School, creatively explores movement through games and activities that focus on key areas of motor skill development and rhythmic awareness, as well introducing concepts of physical storytelling. Classes exercise little bodies, nurture big imaginations and show that twirling should be a fundamental part of any childhood. These drop in classes are $20 per child.

Yoga with Jamaroo

Yoga is a fun, healthy, educational, challenging, and noncompetitive activity that children love. Children of this generation live in a fast paced world surrounded by stress and anxiety yoga can help to counter these pressures and teach children how to relax. In JAMaROO Kids Yoga children will work on strengthening their growing bodies and stretching their little muscles, while improving their balance, coordination, and concentration. This class provides children with a great opportunity to discover the joy of exercise and fitness. Children will use their imaginations to understand yoga poses and learn about nature and world that surrounds them. In JAMaROO kids Yoga children are exposed to a diversity of music from around the world. Through Yoga, children can learn about a different culture. JAMaROO Kids, along with many other educators and parents, believe that yoga can help children build a sense of accomplishment and confidence. These drop in classes are $10 per family.