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4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4–4 :30 pm Yoga with Jamaroo
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Weekly Events


  • 4:15pm - 4:45pm -- Story Time with JAMaROO


  • 4:00pm - 4:30pm -- Yoga with JAMaROO



  • 10:15am - 11am -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class 
  • 11:15am - 12pm -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class 


  • 10:15am - 11am -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class 
  • 11:15am -- 12pm -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class



Class Descriptions

Let's All Sing Along Music Series

For children newborn to 4 years old. This entertaining music program stimulates a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development by incorporating vocal development, movement, listening and expression. Children experience various instruments, singing, storytelling, and dancing games from around the world. Children will learn about pitch, rhythm, musical notes, symbols and much more!  The drop-in rate will be $20.00 per class. Register online at:

Story Time

JAMaROO Kids’ Storytime Program is designed to enrich children’s imagination and creativity. It is their goal to broaden the student’s experiences of the world in which they live.

They will be providing the students with an introduction to cultures and traditions from all over the world, encouraging them to be respectful to others. Stories can come from the world’s oral traditions, fables, parables, fairy tales, folktales, myths and legends. Using the art of storytelling as well as the use of specially chosen books they bring each story to life. Sometimes this will include the use of puppets and other visual aids. Other times it may incorporate the use of song, dance and/or theater.  These drop-in classes are $10 per family.

Yoga with Jamaroo

Yoga is a fun, healthy, educational, challenging, and noncompetitive activity that children love. Children of this generation live in a fast paced world surrounded by stress and anxiety yoga can help to counter these pressures and teach children how to relax. In JAMaROO Kids Yoga children will work on strengthening their growing bodies and stretching their little muscles, while improving their balance, coordination, and concentration. This class provides children with a great opportunity to discover the joy of exercise and fitness. Children will use their imaginations to understand yoga poses and learn about nature and world that surrounds them. In JAMaROO kids Yoga children are exposed to a diversity of music from around the world. Through Yoga, children can learn about a different culture. JAMaROO Kids, along with many other educators and parents, believe that yoga can help children build a sense of accomplishment and confidence. These drop in classes are $10 per family.

Community Board

The below are recommendations by our staff and our customers. To submit recommended service providers in your community, please email

San Francisco

Postpartum Doulas

A Postpartum Doula is a trained consultant and educator who specializes in the care of new moms, babies and families in the first 12 weeks following birth. PPD's are trained to advise and educate parents on newborn care, breast or bottle-feeding, needs of the postpartum mom,and other aspects of life when a baby joins the family. They offer education and nonjudgmental support during the first few weeks following the birth,as well as evidence- based information on infant feeding,emotional and physical recovery from birth,infant soothing and coping skills for new parents.

Olive O'Brien (night doula):

"Olive saved us after our second daughter was born. With a toddler and a baby who was up all night, we were at each other's throats and not functioning at our jobs. Just knowing Olive was there made me finally be able to sleep soundly in between night time feedings. I completely trusted her with my newborn and eventually she was able to give me something I can't put a price on, full nights of sleep. I don't know how I would have continued to function in the rest of my life without her."

Contact Olive at

Sleep Consultants

Vivian Sonnenberg (infant sleep consultant):

"Vivian came over and in one consultation was able to completely change how life with our infant had been going. She convinced us that my incredible fussy baby was just overtired. By following her instructions, my 3 month old daughter went from waking every couple of hours to sleeping through the night within days. She also started taking long, regular naps in her crib when she had previously been crying whenever she wasn't being held. Not only am I better rested, but so is my daughter. Her disposition is completely changed and she is such a happy baby now. We are incredibly grateful to Vivian and think that everyone could benefit from her years of wisdom."

Contact Vivian at


Westside nanny agency:

"Mimi from Westside Nannies found me the perfect part-time nanny in less than a week. I needed someone quickly and Mimi came through. She found someone that was a perfect match for what I was looking for, and Mimi had done all the research so that I didn't to spend my time checking up on the nanny."


Dr. Noah Simons:

"Dr. Simons has a great demeanor with our girls and is incredibly patient and responsive with us. He does everything with the girls himself, rather then passing them off to a nurse, and he never ever keeps us waiting. He always calls back himself when we have a question and is always able to squeeze us in on the same day when something is wrong. His office is so refreshing compared to the other big offices in this city. It feels like going to an old fashioned, small town family doctor. "