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Creating an Organic, Healthy & Stylish Nursery

Meredith Legenos

Today there are more and more companies going green and switching to organic and natural products in the baby industry. We no longer have to sacrifice our own personal style for the organic option. Here are a few of our most functional and stylish products to help you get started in creating a calm and organic space for your baby.

Organic Mattress: When choosing what products are in your price range, it is essential to not pinch pennies when considering mattress choices. Your baby will be spending the majority of its time laying directly on this surface. Most non-organic mattresses are sprayed with flame retardants that are hazardous to your baby’s health. Naturepedic is one of our favorite mattress options. Not only are they very well priced, but they offer a variety of options to suit both your budget and health needs. They even have a dual firmness option, with one side more firm for when your child is an infant and the other side softer when he is a toddler.

Sustainable Furniture: Take an inventory of your current furniture and the space of the nursery or nook your baby will be sleeping in. Decide whether you'll need a crib and dresser, or just a crib or just a dresser. Once you have figured out which new pieces to bring into your home, the fun begins. Kalon, a great California company, makes affordable and healthy baby and kids’ furniture. It is made in the USA of solid wood and recycled, formaldehyde-free MDF. Newport Cottages is a slightly more expensive option, but the color and design options from this company are endless. These pieces are made in California of solid wood.

Wall paper or paint: Wallpapering one side of the wall or even the ceiling can have an amazing affect on a space. It can be a great focal point of the room. When choosing a wallpaper company it is crucial to find out what the wall paper is made from and what adhesives are used to apply. Dwell Studio offers amazing wall paper options. Their wallpaper has no off-gassing. It is also breathable so you do not have to worry about molding. Luckily the company is sophisticated with style and color too. All the prints can easily transition from baby to toddler and even to adult rooms. For paint, make sure the paints you use are VOC-free. A brand we love is Yolo Colorhouse. Painting well before the baby arrives is always a good idea.

Rugs and Play mats: There are great options for 100% cotton or wool rugs.  Your baby will most likely be playing and doing tummy time on the rug in his nursery so it is important to ensure that no scotch guarding or other chemicals are used. Babies put their mouths on everything so it is essential to provide a chemical-free option for your little ones to play on. Check out Sprout's selection of rugs and playmats here.

Bedding: Bumper or no bumper, that is the question. Babies definitely do not need bumpers, but often times around 4 months they start to roll around and either bonk their heads or get a leg stuck (neither are dangerous). You should discuss this with your pediatrician, but if you decide to use a bumper it should be thin, firm and organic. Check out Sprout’s bedding selection for a number of organic options.

Glider or Rocker: Having a comfortable place to feed and rock your baby will help save your back at 3am. It is important to know what is on the inside of your chair. Stay away from foam filled or glued components. Many gliders have flame retardants on them as well. It has been a challenge to find the perfect organic glider, but Sprout has a beautiful, private label organic chair. View Sprout's Organic Glider here.

The most important thing to remember is to make an investment in sustainable and stylish products.  They'll satisfy both your budget and your inner-fashionista in the long run...and your child will thank you for choosing healthy and safe products too.

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