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Healthy & Organic Travel Tips for the Whole Family!

Meredith Legenos

We all know how crazy it can be when packing for a trip for you and your family...let alone remembering to pack healthy snacks and safe products to use while on your trip. Luckily, there are new products that make it very easy to travel without sacrificing your health. Here are our tips and suggestions that might end up saving you more money, helping the environment, and maintaining your sanity!

1.  Prepare and Pack Meals:  Airplane food, I think we can all agree, is not always the most healthy.  Meals from home, stored properly in to-go containers, offer a cost-effective and healthy solution to airport terminal or rest-stop fast food joints. Kidishes and Kids Konserve make two great options for storing your organic foods. These stainless steel and non-breakable glass containers are great for travel, especially when traveling to warmer climates. Remember, non-safe plastics will release BPA and Phthalates when heated, so make sure your milk and other beverage storage containers are made of glass or metal.  Most over-the-counter plastic water bottles contain BPA or other endocrine disrupting chemicals that are released into the liquid when left in the sun or inside a warm car. Lifefactory makes great baby bottles with a protective silicone sleeve that makes the bottle unbreakable (trust us we have tried) and perfect for traveling.

2.  Snack Tips: Happy Baby makes a great squeezable food pack for eating on the go, and the company’s green puffs are easy to pack and provide your baby some hard to come by kale and broccoli. Zo-li makes our favorite easy access layered container to put a variety of snacks in or to perfectly measure out formula. Or fill these containers up with fresh veggies and cut up sandwiches, a nutritious and delicious snack for the whole family. Graze Organics make reusable and washable organic cloth snack packs which are great for any trip, and as an added bonus, they also have fun labels to help stay organized.

3.  Entertainment and Toys:  One of the biggest problems/worries when traveling is wondering if you're coming home with all the same toys you left with.  Books, books and more books are a great option for entertaining and educational options that are easy to keep track of. Here are a few other options for different experience levels of world travelers: teething toys for infants, stacking blocks for the one-year old, and puzzles and games for toddlers. Try to bring along the wood options and hard bound books, they are sturdier and more durable for packing and transporting. Life Factory has great silicone teethers that also double as a bracelet Mom or Dad can wear. Plan Toys (a Sprout favorite) has a variety of solid wood toys for all ages from teething toys to puzzles. TEGU makes the perfect airplane toy, stacking blocks that are magnetized, so they are very hard to lose.

4.  Sunscreen:  Even if you are are traveling to the snow, it is SO important to have the entire family covered from head to toe. Most sunscreens are filled with harmful chemicals that will soak right into your baby’s skin. Switching to a natural sunscreen is one of the most important moves you can make for your baby's skin. Luckily there are a few different options, plus sunscreen wipes which make on the go applying very easy! Shady Day makes our favorite resealable sunscreen wipes that are easy to apply and have no harmful chemicals.

Happy Traveling!

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