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Fresh Baby Bites to the Rescue

Meredith Legenos

Fresh Baby Bites is a local San Francisco company whipping up all organic baby food with fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients. They will deliver straight to your home or office once a week for $5 or you can opt to pick them up at Sprout San Francisco for free shipping. The two founders behind this amazing idea are Cristina Serafyn and Kim Burns who go to the local markets themselves picking ingredients and blending them into delicious organic baby food. Click here to learn more about them and their company. We are excited to have Cristina provide us with great cooking tips and a wonderful recipe perfect for this upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday. Also, stay tuned for our monthly newsletter where we will be announcing an amazing give away from Fresh Baby Bites.

Prepping for the big Thanksgiving meal?  Well don’t forget about the little ones in your family!  Get them started on traditional Thanksgiving foods early on.  Parsnips, persimmon, and pumpkin are some of our favorites for baby this time of year.  But, sweet potatoes are always a big hit and a perfect introduction to solids for first time eaters.

Did you know?
There are hundreds of varieties of sweet potatoes.  What’s the difference between yams and sweet potatoes?  The sweet, orange-colored root vegetable that is often thought of as a yam in the United States, is actually a sweet potato. Yams purchased in the United States are almost always sweet potatoes, no matter what color and shape they are.  Depending on the variety, sweet potato flesh can vary from white to orange and even purple.  We like using the creamy, white-fleshed Japanese Sweet Potato variety with red or brown skin.

Recipe: Wee Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes
After roasting the sweet potatoes for the big meal, keep a few aside.  Process them in the food processor and add unsweetened coconut milk until they’re smooth and creamy (about 5 minutes).  Unsweetened coconut milk is a great source of nutrients for baby, but you can also use water.  Add more liquid until your desired consistency is reached, keep it smooth for first time eaters or chunky for toddler.  Sprinkle a little pumpkin pie spice (or cinnamon) for a festive holiday treat for your little one.

Not cooking this year?  Well, Fresh Baby Bites to the rescue!  Fresh Baby Bites is a new San Francisco-based service offering fresh, local, organic, baby food delivered to your doorstep.  We all dream of making baby's food, but who really has the time?  Started by two friends, a foodie and a mom: Cristina Serafyn and Kim Burns, they search local Farmer's Markets for the freshest produce of the season and whip it up into tasty blends for your baby. 

Thanksgiving menu items include:  pear and persimmon “pudding,” creamy roasted parsnips with garlic, and winter squash curry.  This isn't your Mama's baby food!  Try some for yourself, visit www.freshbabybites.com for the latest menu and more information. 

Pick up your Fresh Baby Bites order at Sprout San Francisco for free delivery and get 20% off your first bundle with the code: sprout20. Place your order here!

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