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Meredith Legenos

In keeping with our November Healthy Eating Newsletter, we have put together a shopping guide for everything you need to start your baby on solid foods. We at Sprout feel it is critical to choose healthy and organic options when looking at anything that comes into direct contact with your baby’s food.  With such a large selection of highchairs and food accessories on the market, it is best to choose all natural wood, stainless steel, glass, and plastics that are fee of BPA, PVC, and Phthalates.

Where to sit?

For most, style and functionality are two important factors when it comes to choosing your child’s furniture. We offer a few different high-chair options that are both stylish and functional – not to mention you’ll have peace of mind knowing they were manufactured with natural materials.

Modern- If you are looking for a stylish, modern and minimalist high chair, the Tripp Trapp Highchair by Stokke is the one for you. With its sleek design and small footprint, it is perfect for city living and any modern living space. Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice safety for style with the Tripp Trapp. It is made of certified organic wood grown in Europe, and if you choose a bright color there is no need to worry, their paints are water based and low VOC. One added bonus with this high chair is it will last your child all the way until they leave for college! This highchair actually converts into a regular desk chair.

Traditional- Remember the highchairs that we all grew up with, then later sat our dolls in to play house with? Well Newport Cottages, a local California company, offers these hand-crafted and all-natural wood Newport Highchairs. Not only do they have the classic highchair look, but they also offer over 10 different water based paint colors. Choose a barn red for the country style home, or go with a sleek grey for a modern/traditional twist. We love the natural and vintage feel of these chairs and we are excited to be carrying them.

Somewhere in between- Not sure what your style is and just looking for a great highchair? Well OXO kids is proud to add The Sprout Chair to their collection. The Sprout high chair is not only functional for the growing baby, but also has two wood options along with a BPA, PVC and Phthalates free plastic seat and tray. Go with a rich dark wood or light natural wood and add a bright orange seat for a pop of color. With this highchair you are sure to impress your guests with its unique lowering seat system as well.

Jarred baby food or make your own?

We all know this can be a sensitive subject, but we all also know how busy our lives tend to be, so sometimes you need to go with whatever is easiest.  At some point you may just be too busy to make your own baby food, which is okay. We do however suggest buying organic baby food that is sold in glass jars vs. non-organic and sold in a can. Most canned foods will contain BPA due to the BPA levels in the actual can itself. Another healthy bonus of organic baby food is there are less processed ingredients, sugars and artificial flavors. At Sprout (both San Francisco and New York) we carry Earth’s Best baby food and formulas.  We find they have great options and our little cliental seem to think it’s both delicious and nutritious. If you do have time to embark on the great journey of making your own baby food we highly suggest purchasing the following:

Beaba Cook- The Beaba cook not only steams your veggies or meats, it will puree them as well. This quick process allows you to save time while making savory organic baby food for your little one. Beaba also makes great accessories such as freezable silicone trays, which are great to freeze and help prepare for the week. The silicone tray also makes it easier to pop out the frozen food.

The checklist for accessories:
Splash mats- Made with organic cotton and a BPA-PVC free coating, this splash mat makes clean up that much easier. Also, when you no longer need it for under the highchair, it can second as a table cloth for art projects!

Silicone spoons- Not only are they 100% free of harmful chemicals, but also soft on baby’s gums when feeding. They second as a safe teething toy if you need a quick distraction and don’t have teethers around.

Organic cotton bibs- Your baby will most likely be putting these in her mouth, plus you will be wiping her face with them so it’s always good to use organic cotton when you can.

We hope this shopping list has helped with the fun journey of solids. There are so many choices out there and we hope you will choose the healthy and organic ones!

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