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My Favorite Things: A Tale of a Baby-Stuff Guru Having Babies

Meredith Legenos

For almost 5 years I have been selling baby products to new parents at Sprout and thinking I was the expert. Now, after having twin boys, I get to see for myself what products really make a difference. My boys are only two weeks old, but this is what has saved us so far:

Moby wrap- Harry wasn't a happy camper yesterday and I needed my hands free to tend to Sebastian, so I finally tested out the Moby with a REAL baby and he slept for about an hour. Before babies, an hour didn’t seem like a long time, but now it is life changing.

Under the Nile burp cloths - These burp clothes are great for on the changing pad in case they poop/pee mid change, you don't have to change the cover. Saves on washing more loads of laundry than you already have to, plus saves on buying a ton of changing pad covers.

Kate Quinn wash cloths- These small washcloths are great for changing boys-not sure if it’s the instant freedom they feel or the cold air but “it” sprays pee out every change. These washcloths make a great shield and are small enough and their versatility is endless. 

Knot hats- These little baby hats fit great and don't slide over their eyes.  Both Kate Quinn and Nature Baby have worked great for us so far. You can also release the knot to adjust their size as their heads grow.

Purebaby zip footies- These zip from the top and the bottom & have hand covers too. My husband especially loves these since he finds the two snaps on a kimono to be annoying during late-night changes. They are also loose enough with a curved zipper so you don’t have to worry about the healing belly button. We luckily have received these in sizes nb-3/6 months!

Oeuf layette- These are small enough for babies under 7 pounds, and so easy to pull the lap tee or kimono onesie over their head. My boys are a pound difference in size and both are able to fit into these pieces comfortably.

Under the Nile layette- The preemie outfits & newborn outfits are sized very accurately making them perfect for their “take me home outfits”. Like I mentioned above, Sebastian and Harry are a pound different, both wore the preemie stripped layette set by Under the Nile home from the hospital. Since they’ve grown, they can still fit into them so I don’t feel like the preemie size was a total waste.

Aden & Anais swaddles- These are the ultimate swaddling blankets. We have mastered it! I thought I would really only use these for over the car seat or nursing while we had guest over but they have turned out to be the easiest for swaddling, even at 3:30 am! The muslin fabric has a little give to it making the swaddle nice and tight.

What a fun and crazy adventure the past two weeks have been. I have an even deeper newfound respect for expecting and new parents. This really is the wildest ride I have ever been on and I’m glad to be experiencing it. No one really talks about how hard the beginning is!

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