Birthday Gifts for One-, Two-, or Three-Year-Olds

At our stores, we are asked every day for birthday gift suggestions. When our customers are buyiing gifts for a one, two, or three year old, they are usually looking for something the child will enjoy, more than something the parents will appreciate. We have so much fun helping to pick out gifts that the little ones will love. Below are some of our team members' top suggestions…

First Birthday GiftsFirst birthdays are always a fun event to attend and such a milestone for the little one. They are most likely getting ready to walk and well on their way to getting into everything! Anything that they can move or manipulate, and is not too small for them to put in their mouths, will most likely be a huge hit.

Meredith R. (Chicago) – The Green Toys trucks are great options and kids are obsessed! Sprout has a few options in each of our playrooms and all the kids have so much fun playing with them. Choose from the fire truck, dump truck and even a recycling truck, just to name a few. Green Toys produces all of their toys in California and tests every batch of plastics it uses to make sure they are all free of toxic chemicals.

Staci C. (New York) – Staci's favorite toy to give for a 1-year old's Birthday Party is the Plan Toys Sorting Train.  We like that this pull along toy will entice a child to start walking, but if they aren't there yet, the pieces can separate and help teach stacking and sorting skills. Each toy is made of solid wood from a retired rubber tree and painted with non-toxic paints.  Plan Toys is a sustainable, ethical and safe company, so Staci is happy to share these awesome toys with friends, as well as her stories about visiting their factory in Thailand! Read her story here.

Anna B. (San Francisco) – Anna also loves to suggest a pull toy from Plan, and her favorite is the Dancing Alligator. It is easy to pull along the floor and makes a fun, clanking sound that the kids love but won't disturb parents.

Ellie D. (New York) – Now that a child is standing on his own, the Woodland Growth Chart makes a great gift for a one year old! Parents can chart the child's progress by embroidering their age or by using the included cutouts. The chart is screen-printed by hand on 100% organic cotton with toxic-free dyes. 

Suzanne P. (San Francisco)  – The Plan Toys Baby Walker is the perfect gift for a new walker or one who is just starting to try. Made of natural rubber wood and water based non-toxic paints, the walker is ideal for little explorers. It gives the little ones courage to walk, and when they are not busy putting one foot in front of the other, they can play with the included block set.. They will build love building towers and knocking them down over and over again!

Molly S. (online) – Many one year olds love bath time. We want to help make it even more fun. These Bunny and Doggie robes are extremely soft organic cotton, and kids love having their very own bath time cover up. The Bath Time Tugboat gives them something to play with in the tub, as well as helping mom and dad wash the little ones hair with its pouring spout!

Bryant R. (online) – The Tegu blocks are the best gift for a one year old who is often on the go. The wooden blocks stick together with internal magnets, so they won't get lost, but they are also safe for kids who are still putting everything in their mouths.


Two-Year-Old Birthday GiftsTwo years old is such a fun age, and it's really when babies start to act like toddlers! They are forming full sentences and learning to be creative and explore. Great gifts for this age are those that challenge and engage them like musical instruments, puzzles, kitchen sets and ride-on toys.

Meredith R. (Chicago) – It's never too early to start a rock band! Two year olds are creative thinkers and amazing explorers. We love offering the Plan Toys Solid Drum as an awesome two year old gift. Let them practice their beats with this all wooden drum. The drum stick will help children develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, auditory skill, recognition skill, concentration and stress relief too! Not only will your friends be thanking you later, but the kids can rehearse a great song next time you see them.

Ellie D. (New York) – Manufactured in Germany, with water based dyes and natural oils, Grimm's 12 Piece Rainbow is the perfect 2 year old gift. It's sturdy wood pieces look beautiful in a nursery and the pieces can be used in so many ways. They balance on top of each other, stack inside one another, and are even great tunnels for playing with cars.

Allie G. (New York) – Her favorite gift for a two year old girl is the Build-a-Bouquet set! Future florists can create their own arrangements with interchangeable lilies, petunias, and daisies! The stacking pieces can be used to build tons of different flowers which are then great for pretend play, dollhouses, and around the nursery. The toy is made in the United States and teach young children the parts of a flower. We also love that all the Green Toys have no BPA or phthalates and are PVC free.

Suzanne K. (San Francisco)  – Her favorite Sprout gift for an 2 year old  is the Classic ABC Block Set. They are so colorful and fun! Plus, as the little one learns to talk and sing, the blocks are a perfect teaching tool, having both the alphabet and numbers on them.

Fatima J. (New York) – Wishbone bike – Now that summer is here, the Wishbone Bike is her favorite gift. Toddlers can use it as a three wheel walker and big kids can learn to balance on it and ride it as a bike.  The bikes are made of non-toxic birchwood and organic cotton so not only is it fun but also safe!

Ashley D. (San Francisco) -What 2 year old doesn't want to attend a tea party! Tots can enjoy the the Tea Set by Plan Toys for pretend play with friends or on their own.  Kids of this age love to immitate their parents by pouring into cups and pretending to serve a round of tea.

Molly S. (online) – The Ferry Boat is such a great gift for this age. Play on land or at sea (the tub that is) for endless entertainment. The Ferry comes with two mini fastbacks  that can slide up and down the ramp.  The boat even has benches and windows just like the real thing!

Suzanne P. (San Francisco) – The Grimms Large Stepped Pyramid is just gorgeous! It will provide creative entertainment for years to come. Plus, it looks like a piece of artwork in your living room.

Bryant R. (online) – This Eco-Friendly Playdough is ideal for a kid who loves to create with his hands. Made from plant, fruit and veggie extracts, it's even safe if they decide to eat some, as toddlers often do.


Three-Year-Old Birthday Gifts

Three is such a big milestone because it is a transition age when kids are turning into little adults! They are taking on creative and independent activities like drawing, painting and reading. Choosing gifts that will engage their quickly growing minds will be a huge hit. Receiving new books, arts and crafts and even puzzles are always welcomed with this age group since they are learning so fast and so interested in new stories.

Meredith R. (Chicago) – For three year old gifts, one of our favorite suggestions for a gift is a book. It's always so nice for parents to receive new books, especially because at this age, kids are really starting to follow along the story and ask questions. It's great to choose either a childhood classic or personal favorite with a nice message written inside. All three locations have a great selection of classics and the latest hits. We also have some favorites online.  We also love suggesting a new set of PJ's like these Robot pajamas to go along with the new story time book!

Molly S. (online) – A great gift for three year olds are clothes! Kids are really forming opinions at this age and starting to love to dress themselves. Little boys love to dress up like a super hero in this Batman Hat and girls of this age love anything that twirls, like this adorable smock dress.

Suzanne P. (San Francisco)Veggie Sidewalk Chalk is a great gift for this age. The child can use it to draw pictures, make a hopscotch board, or even practice writing his or her own name. And even if it gets all over the child's hands, it's okay because it's edible!

Bryant R. (online) –  We love the Chalkboard Laptop because it’s a great toy to spark a toddler’s imagination, without cords, batteries or internet connection needed. Kids love to “do some work” on their laptops, just like Mom or Dad. It even comes with chalk and is great for home or travel.

Ellie D. (New York) – We are totally in love with the Apple Park Backpacks. They're the perfect size for a 3 year old to carry all on his own. They can be used for summer travelling and for bringing lunch and toys to pre-school in the fall. Also, it’s such a cute idea to fill the backpack with summer essentials like organic sunscreen and all natural sidewalk chalk!

Suzanne K. (San Francisco) – Handmade with all  natural paint, Eco Finger Paint  is great for little fingers to enjoy arts & crafts on rainy days or playing in the yard during the summer. Eco Paint is made from plant, fruit and veggie extracts without chemicals, artificial dyes or metals, so it’s completely safe if the paint ends up in a child’s mouth.