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Transitioning Wardrobes for Cooler Seasons

Meredith Legenos

As we approach the last warm days of summer and enjoy the cooler days of Fall, it is time to start getting out the sweaters and perhaps even buying a few new ones for our little ones. It is recommended that babies always be dressed in one or two more layers than adults.  So when getting dressed, remember this rule to help determine how many layers you should be dressing your little one in. It’s hard enough to find jackets and sweaters small enough for babies and toddlers let alone ones that are cozy and won’t itch.  We have created a guide to help go through existing clothes or shop for the changing seasons for your little ones. Having survived my first winter in Chicago and listening to new and experienced mom’s trying to figure out how to dress their children, I think it’s safe to say there is some real life experience below!

Breathable fabrics- It’s important to dress babies and toddlers in breathable outerwear. We all think of fleece as warm and cozy, but it is mostly made of polyester, which is one of the least breathable fabrics out there.  So while it may be cozy, it is definitely not the healthiest option. Opt for an organic fleece like Sherpa. Sherpa is a thick and fuzzy-like cotton that keeps us very warm and is breathable at the same time. There are now wonderful organic options of Sherpa outfits and even sleepwear. Castle Ware, one of our most popular brands, has great outerwear and sleepwear made of the Sherpa fabric.  Kate Quinn, another one of our favorites, uses the Sherpa fabric in a bunting, often used as a baby jacket. Kate Quinn also makes toddler size jackets in this same Sherpa fabric.

Babies are ovens! Remember newborn babies are like little ovens – they’ll keep you warm, almost too warm at times. While they keep their body temperature up, it is still important to make sure they are wearing layers when taken outside. If they become too hot and start to complain it is easy to remove one layer rather than being stuck with one very thick sweater.  And if they get too cold, just add another layer. Layers help us regulate their temperature in the most comfortable way possible.

Hats and Scarves are two great accessories to keep babies and toddlers warm and cozy. My Grandma always told me to make sure my head was covered and to never leave the house with wet hair. I always thought she was just over-reacting, but she was actually just trying to keep me warm! If your head is warm then the rest of your body will be warm, too.  Hats and scarves are easy to pack in a diaper bag or back pack for your baby or toddler. Oeuf makes stylish and fun hats and scarves perfect for your little ones.  We especially love their themed hats of bunnies, batman and dragons. These are great alternatives for a little one who refuses to wear a normal hat.

Stroller Foot muff- This is one product we could not be more excited about! Finally there is an organic option when it comes to foot muffs for your car seat or stroller. Orbit Baby now offers an all-organic cotton muff that fits comfortably into a car seat or stroller.  Instead of layering blankets in the car or packing them into your diaper bag, you can now purchase this sleeping bag like insert.

We can’t believe another fall is already upon us with winter quickly approaching.  Hopefully we have eased the wardrobe stress that comes with dressing your child or toddler as the season changes.

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