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Stepping Stone Blossom Fitted Crib Sheet

SKU# 12497

Quick Overview

These crib sheets offer a natural and breathable alternative to standard infant bedding.

stepping stone blossomstepping stone blossom



This crib sheet offers a natural and breathable alternative to standard infant bedding. Oxygen was added to the blend of soft, silky eucalyptus and certified organic cotton, eliminating any dirt and residue that clog natural fiber airways. This process of oxygenation, coupled with low-impact dyes, preserves airflow through the fabric. Mix-and-match with other patterns of these crib sheets for a more breathable, non-toxic and beautiful crib.

Babies spend up to 16 hours a day in their cribs, so your baby's crib should be a cozy, comforting place to rest. By using bedding made of soft organic cotton and non-toxic dyes, you can rest assured that you are keeping harsh chemicals from constant contact with baby's sensitive skin. For more on why choosing organic crib bedding is so important, see our Healthy Baby Guides.

Additional Information


  • Lead time 5-10 days
  • Made of Organic Cotton, Eucalyptus
  • Dimensions: 28" x 53" x 8"
  • Manufactured in the USA

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