Twilight Kangaroo Romper

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Great for a little guy on the go, this super soft romper by Kicky Pants is outfitted with a kangaroo pocket!

Twilight Kangaroo RomperTwilight Kangaroo Romper



Great for a little guy on the go, this super soft organic bamboo romper is outfitted with a kangaroo pocket!

The bamboo plants used in making this romper are certified organic and all bamboo fibers are oeko-tek 100 certified. The process of making bamboo viscose that this factory uses is a closed loop process, meaning that the sodium hydroxide used to soften the bamboo chips into pulp is not released into the environment (sodium hydroxide is on the GOTS organic list and is used in many organic cotton lines as a softener, not to mention soap, foods, etc.

Clothing is in constant contact with your baby’s skin. Therefore it is important to choose items made of organic cotton and non-toxic dyes. At Sprout San Francisco we handpick the best organic baby clothes so that you don't have to. For more information on why choosing organic baby clothing is so important, check out our Healthy Baby Guides.

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  • Made of 95% viscose from Organic Bamboo & 5% Lycra
  • Manufactured in China