Devon Bed

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Perfect for the modern nursery, this sleek crib is bench made from select hardwoods in the USA.

Devon BedDevon Bed

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The Devon Bed is inspired by the clean lines and superior craftsmanship of traditional Shaker-style furniture. This simplicity translates easily to both modern and traditional interiors. Add the Devon 6 Drawer Dresser  and the Devon Bookcase to complete your room.

Made from select hardwoods in the USA, this modern bed can also be outfitted with the standard guardrail, trundle, and the bunkie board. The standard guardrail (sold separately) ´╗┐is perfect for the child that's transitioning into a bed or for protecting the restless sleeper. The guardrail spans 3/4 the length of the bed. The optional trundle (sold separately) fits neatly under the Devon Twin Bed. This option adds an extra bed for company, or it can be used as a storage space that doesn't sacrifice any additional room. When not in use, it slides perfectly under the main bed. The Bunkie Board (sold separately) is a replacement for a box spring and provides similar support without the extra height. This board comes as a set of two halves for easy transportation and installation.

Click here to view all color options. Please note that different species of woods may vary in terms of finishes, and each has its own inherent qualities. Cream and Silver finishes incur a 10% paint upcharge. An accent color is included with no upcharge for all Beverly Collection pieces.

18% shipping fee. Rush shipping (lead time 6 weeks) can be requested for an additional $250. White glove service is optional in San Francisco, New York and Chicago which includes assembly and removal of debris. Please note that the lead time is the amount of time it takes the item to leave the manufacturer and does not include transit time.

Furniture can be made with a whole array of chemicals such as formaldehyde, polyurethane and toxic finishes, all of which give off VOCs. When choosing furniture you should avoid these harmful chemicals by looking for cribs, changers and dressers that are formaldehyde free and finished with water-based paints and stains. For more on how to choose healthy baby furniture click here.

When you purchase a furniture item from Sprout San Francisco, you agree to our terms and conditions.

Additional Information


  • Lead time 10 weeeks plus transit time
  • Made of select hardwoods, low VOC paints and finishes
  • Dimensions: 41" W x 80" D x 45" H
  • Manufactured in the USA

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