Organic BABYBJORN Original Baby Carrier

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The Organic BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original, is ergonomic and safe for your child. This carrier properly supports your child's head, back and hips from birth up. Safe for your child and easy for you to pull on and take off without assistance.

Organic BABYBJORN Original Baby Carrier Organic BABYBJORN Original Baby Carrier

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With the award-winning classic BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Original, you can carry your child safely and close to you, while keeping your hands free to do other things. It is comfortable and easy to use both indoors and out. As with all our baby carriers, it was developed in collaboration with medical experts to suit newborns optimally.

*Properly supports your child’s head, back and hips from birth.

*Safe for your child and easy for you to to put on and take off without assistance.

The textiles closest to the child have been tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1 for baby products. They are guaranteed harmless to children’s sensitive skin and will not trigger allergies.

This product is part of BabyBjörn’s organic line and complies with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), internationally the most recognized standard for organic manufacturing. The GOTS label ensures that fabrics have been manufactured in compliance with certain environmental requirements. These requirements regulate the use of chemicals in the entire production process, including cultivation, harvesting, production, processing, manufacturing, packaging and labeling.

Product care
Machine wash, warm (40 °C). Wash separately with a gentle, bleach-free detergent.

Carrying positions
When the child is older and has a stronger neck, the head support may be folded down allowing the child to be carried facing forward and to have a look around.

Additional Information


  • Lead time 2-4 days
  • Age: newborn (at least 8 lbs and 21 in) up to 25 lbs
  • Made of organic cotton
  • Dimensions: 10.25" W x 11.5" H
  • Manufactured in Turkey

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