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Happily Eva After: A Greener Lifestyle with Sprout SF

Today I thought I’d feature a company that is leading the pack in making greener and healthier choices much easier for families. Sprout San Francisco is a store that is committed to finding and selling all natural and organic Baby and Family-focused product lines. They do extensive research on each and every product they sell to make sure they meet the requirements of a totally safe and nontoxic product for you and your baby. Read more here http://happilyevaafter.com/a-greener-lifestyle-with-sprout-sf/...

Vibrantly Healthy Kids: A Mom on a Mission to Keep our Children Healthy & Safe

Meet Suzanne, a mother on a mission to help families create healthy, safe environments in their homes. Suzanne is the founder of Sprout, a store filled with everything you need for your baby and young children without the chemicals and toxins. She is not afraid to do her homework and has used her wealth of knowledge to build this safe haven for many parents. As a mom passionate about health and safety, I was thankful to have this store as a resource for understanding how to make good choices for my children. For many parents the task of finding and researching safe products can be daunting, and Sprout makes all of this easier for parents... http://www.vibrantlyhealthykids.com/?p=1252...

New York Family: Best in Baby

Top local baby gear retailers share their favorite trends and products... Read Article

New York Family: Green is the New Pink & Blue

A guide to creating a healthy, eco-friendly, and stylish nursery... Read Article

CBS News: Chemicals in foam raise concerns about baby car seats

Limiting a child's exposure to toxic chemicals is a big issue for many parents, but finding eco-friendly products may cost big money. One manufacturer claims to market the only car seat free from the most hazardous flame retardants. Investigative reporter Julie Watts from CBS San Francisco station KPIX uncovered test results that may indicate parents aren't getting what they expect. Watch the video here: http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/chemicals-in-foam-raise-concerns-about-baby-car-seats/...

Red Tricycle: Just Opened Sprout Palo Alto

Becoming a parent can be overwhelming. Making decisions for a brand new human being can mean hours and hours of research about car seats, mattresses, diapers and more. Who has the time for that? Lucky for us, Sprout has done all the research for us. From organic baby clothes to toys free of toxic chemicals, Sprout has everything you need to outfit your nursery or buy a gift for that little one in your life. They just opened a new store in Palo Alto and we stopped by to check it out. Read on to learn why you should make a stop there as well: http://redtri.com/san-francisco/just-opened-sprout-palo-alto/...

People Magazine: Our Favorite Non-Toxic Kid Gear

It's easy being green with these eco-friendly kid essentials. "You can find products that are not only healthy for your child but stylish as well!" says Suzanne Price, 37, who left her job working for an investment bank to found Sprout San Francisco, a chain of organic baby boutiques. Her top picks... Read Article

Red Tricycle: Sprout SF Opens in Brooklyn

Don’t let the name fool you: Sprout San Francisco just opened its newest location and it’s in baby-booming Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The West Coast transplant (which you may already know from its Upper East Side store) is committed to bringing its customers the best — and best looking — in all things organic and natural for kids. (Need a non-toxic toy phone made of sustainable rubberwood? Yeah, they’ve got that.) Read full article at http://redtri.com/new-york/new-natural-sprout-san-francisco-in-brooklyn/ ...

Just Opened: Sprout Mill Valley

One part retail store, one part play space, and one part community space, Sprout is known for reinventing the shopping experience for the modern mom. Now with a new location across the Golden Gate Bridge, Sprout is bringing its sweet amenities and products that you’ve come to expect and love — from story time and activities to style and gear — to Marin families. Read on to find out what’s sprouting up in Mill Valley. Read more here: http://redtri.com/san-francisco/just-opened-sprout-mill-valley/...

Wicker Park boutique, Sprout, focused on healthy products

Price, who was raised in New York, studied at Northwestern and currently lives in San Francisco, opened her first Sprout San Francisco store in California three years ago. She opened another in New York in September, and she finally made her way back to Chicago in April at 1943 W. Division in Wicker Park. Read more at http://www.chicagoparent.com/magazines/chicago-parent/2012-june/going-places/sprout...

Daily Candy - Help, Please: Interview with Suzanne Price of Sprout San Francisco

I wish I had a degree in environmental science with an emphasis on child development and nutritional health. That would pretty much solve my anxiety whenever I’m walking down a grocery aisle or shopping for a crib sheet set. Thankfully, there is Sprout San Francisco, a retailer that meticulously evaluates every product to make sure it’s free of anything that could harm your baby. I tracked down founder Suzanne Price to thank her personally for the peace of mind — and get her take on when I really shouldn’t skimp. — SuChin Pak Read more at http://www.dailycandy.com/everywhere/article/158759/Interview-with-Suzanne-Price-of-Sprout-San-Francisco...

Inspired by Motherhood

I now have two daughters. Hannah is three and Amber is one. I am so glad that I have the knowledge and resources to surround them with the healthiest environment that I can. Many of the scary chemicals out there are hormone disruptors so I want to do everything in my power to ensure that my girls, when they are ready, can get pregnant and have healthy children of their own. I wish the same for all of our daughters.... Read Article

Moms Who Rock: Meet San Francisco?s Coolest Power Moms

An original eco-friendly mama, Suzanne is the founder of Sprout stores. Previously a top-notch Research Analyst in the Green Living Consumer Sector at ThinkEquity, Suzanne spent years studying organic consumer products and, scarily, the impact of toxic chemicals on our bodies. Needless to say, when it came time to start her own family, the desire to find green, clean products was an absolute must. Everything in the Sprout stores comes stamped with her seal of approval and the up-to-date info provided to customers is a go-to resource for parents hoping to create a healthy home environment. Mom to two little girls, Hannah and Amber, Suzanne lives in San Francisco. http://redtri.com/san-francisco/bay-area-power-mom/... Read Article

Retail round-up: New organic childrens boutique coming to Wicker Park

Sprout San Francisco, a California children's retailer that sells chemical-free and organic baby items, will open its first Chicago location next month, at 1943 W. Division St. in Wicker Park. ... Read Article

Time Out New York Kids

After taking the Bay Area by storm with Sprout San Francisco, a children's boutique featuring cherry-picked natural and organic wares, New York City native and mom Suzanne Price is opening a second location on the Upper East Side. ... Read Article

Big City Moms

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New York Times

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Daily Candy

How best to respond to the ecological challenges of our time?...We stand by a new tot boutique and resource center packed to the gills with everything a parent needs (including knowledge) to build a green nursery... Read Article

Red Tricycle

Whether you’re looking to all-out splurge for a best bud or give a thoughtful gift that won’t break the bank, Sprout, the organic baby store on San Francisco’s Union St., has got a gift certain to inspire “coos” and “oohs"... Read Article

Cool Mom Picks

...the folks at Sprout San Francisco have revived one of my favorite tales with a cool new set of kid's t-shirts. Their adorable 3 Little Pigs construction t-shirt (pictured) offers a smart, modern twist on an old classic... Read Article