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Admissions info night benefitting the Childrens Environmental Health Center

6:30pm - 8:00pm

Come hear two of San Francisco's most notable admissions directors talk about the process for getting your kids into preschool or kindergarten. Michelle Lawton, from Stretch the Imagination preschool and Lisa Aquino, from The Hamlin School, will answer all of your questions. The proceeds of the evening benefit The Children's Environmental Health Center, which conducts research to identify the environmental causes of childhood disease.

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6 Week Baby Sign Language Playgroup


This six-week playgroup is a fun opportunity for you to build your signing vocabulary with themes like mealtime, animals, colors, family, bedtime, and more.  Two different playgroup series are offered for an increased opportunity to practice and build your signing vocabulary.  One is called Playgroup Zoom and the other is called Playgroup Boom.  No need to take them in order; you can start with either Zoom or Boom.  Both Playgroup Boom and Playgroup Zoom include the essential basic starter signs and vary in the more advanced vocabulary.  When babies are around 13 to 14 months old and expressing many signs, parents often enroll in the alternate series as a refresher course to grow their vocabulary.

Playgroup Series Six 60 minute sessions  |  4 to 18 months

Early Bird Price: $125 per individual/$185 per couple.

*It is recommended that you enroll in the Introductory Workshop prior to taking this playgroup series.

For more information and to register, click here. For more information on baby sign language, see our blog article.

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4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4 :30 –5 :10 pm Little Folkies Music Class
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4 :30 –5 :10 pm Little Folkies Music Class
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4 :30 –5 :10 pm Little Folkies Music Class
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4 :30 –5 :10 pm Little Folkies Music Class
4 :15 –4 :45 pm Story Time with JAMaROO
4 :30 –5 :10 pm Little Folkies Music Class
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Weekly Events


  • 4:15pm - 4:45pm -- Story Time with JAmaroo for ages 2-4
  • 5:00pm - 5:30pm -- Story Time with Jamaroo for ages 0-2


  • 4:30pm - 5:10pm -- Little Folkies Music Class (Begins 4/12))


  • 10:15am - 11am -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class (No class 4/13)
  • 11:15am - 12pm -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class (No class 4/13)


  • 10:15am - 11am -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class (No class 4/7 or 4/14)
  • 11:15am -- 12pm -- Let's All Sing Along Music Class (No class 4/7 or 4/14)


  • 10:15am - 10:45am -- Bilingual (Spanish) Parent Tot Music Class
  • 11:00am -- 11:30pm -- Dance & Creative Movement

Class Descriptions 

Bilingual (English + Spanish) Parent Tot Music & Movement with Jamaroo

These Parent Tot Classes give Moms and Dads the opportunity to sing and dance with their little ones. During these classes, we'll sing traditional songs and learn original ones. Parents and children will dance to music from around the world and play with a variety of simple instruments. Children will also have the opportunity to play with puppets, rhythm sticks, streamers, bean bags, and other fun props. *This class is led in a bilingual (English + Spanish) format. These drop-in classes are $10 per family.

Dance & Creative Movement with Jamaroo

Dance provides children with an opportunity to express their individuality. Children will be introduced to the basics of dance. Class will include a warm-up circle, stretching games, across the floor activities, imaginative dance, partner dance, and free dance. They will be able to explore different styles of dance and music from around the world. These drop-in classes are $10 per family.

Let's All Sing Along Music Series

For children newborn to 4 years old. This entertaining music program stimulates a child’s cognitive, emotional, social, language, and physical development by incorporating vocal development, movement, listening and expression. Children experience various instruments, singing, storytelling, and dancing games from around the world. Children will learn about pitch, rhythm, musical notes, symbols and much more!  The drop-in rate will be $20.00 per class. 

Little Folkies Music Classes

Little Folkies is a recreational song-circle for kids and parents created in San Francisco and instructed by active Bay Area musicians. This class features a repertoire of uplifting and down-to-earth folk tunes, both original and traditional, often accompanied by hand-movements, clapping, instrumental jamming, and dancing. These Appalachian / bluegrass inspired songs, composed by class creators Irena and Joshua Smith are favorites amongst families from Little Folkies classes, and are ripe for singing throughout your week to accompany a myriad of everyday activities.

Each class features only acoustic instruments like guitar, banjo and ukulele, a delightful array of nature inspired folk songs for children as well as hands on jamming on child sized instruments like accordions, xylophones, percussion, etc. Students also get instrumental recordings of class material to accompany singing at home.

Register for this series or sign up for a free demo class here.

Story Time with Jamaroo

JAMaROO Kids’ Storytime Program is designed to enrich children’s imagination and creativity. It is their goal to broaden the student’s experiences of the world in which they live.

They will be providing the students with an introduction to cultures and traditions from all over the world, encouraging them to be respectful to others. Stories can come from the world’s oral traditions, fables, parables, fairy tales, folktales, myths and legends. Using the art of storytelling as well as the use of specially chosen books they bring each story to life. Sometimes this will include the use of puppets and other visual aids. Other times it may incorporate the use of song, dance and/or theater.  These drop-in classes are $10 per family.