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What do you put on your skin? Get the latest research about bedtime and bathing and how it affects both you and your little one.

lavender hormone disruptor

The Question of Lavender

March 2018 Update: For the past 9 years, we have been wary of lavender at Sprout for all of the reasons expressed in our initial article below. A recent study by the NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences), a part of the United States NIH, confirms these concerns. It showed that regular exposure to… Read more »

Natural Solutions to Dry Winter Skin

As the weather turned colder this winter, my daughter’s skin has become very dry. She developed pretty bad eczema on her arms and legs. It itches her a lot and is really sad to see. Being very conscious of what products I rub on my children’s skin, I was hesitant to try some of the… Read more »

Children’s PJs: What Those Scary-Looking Labels Really Mean

Labeling on children’s pajamas can be confusing and misleading at first glance. The label pictured above is big and bright and seems a little alarming. Another common clothing label says, “Not intended for children’s sleepwear”. This might sound like there is something wrong with the article of clothing, however, the reality is these are great… Read more »

Is Your Natural Personal Care Safe?

NapiNol's Booty Balm & Beyond is our favorite diaper ointment,  at Sprout, made up of only five organic ingredients. We asked Jen Scattereggia from NapiNol to explain the company's view of the multitude of “natural” products out there. Here are her thoughts: There is a huge market for natural and organic skincare products. Recognizing this demand,… Read more »

Sleep Safety Tips from Swellbeing

Janeen Hayward founded Swellbeing, a parenting consultancy, shortly after the birth of her first daughter in 2006. As a child development professional with a master's degree in clinical psychology, Janeen helps parents navigate the difficult terrain around sleep and offers advice and support on a host of other developmental issues including potty training, positive discipline… Read more »

Sleep Tips from Renowned Sleep Expert, Vivian Sonnenberg

Vivian Sonnenberg has been speaking at Sprout in San Francisco for the past four years. I am constantly running into women at the store who feel they owe her their sanity because she taught their babies to sleep. I feel the same. Three years ago, she helped my daughter Hannah sleep twelve straight hours at… Read more »

Lovies & Blankets: Keep it Natural & Soft

As someone who likes everything to be soft, I understand why some of the most popular children’s blankets and lovies are those that feel the most luxurious to the touch. What I have never understood, however, is why these seem to all be made from polyester, a non-breathable petroleum-based product. I understand the appeal. These… Read more »

Baby’s Tub is Still Toxic

All our products are meticulously evaluated to ensure they are safe. Find Personal Care Products in our  Bath & Healthy Home section. Here are few items we love: Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo and Body Wash; Nalu the Seahorse and Kalu the Whale; Boon Naked Tub. In November 2011, I had just given birth to my second daughter,… Read more »

Thinkbaby’s Kevin Brodwick on BPA & Sunscreen

As any first time mom would attest, we are nervous about everything. From germs, to chemicals, to food, you want to do everything right.  When it came time to pick a bottle for my son, I knew there was no other choice but thinkbaby.  I met Kevin Brodwick, the founder of thinkbaby, on one of… Read more »

Protect Your Family from Flame Retardants

At first thought, the idea of having your baby’s products be flame retardant seems to make sense. Of course you want to protect your baby from the risk of being caught in a fire. However, as I began to learn that the rules for flame retardants in products like mattresses were created in the seventies… Read more »