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Category: Bathtime & Bedtime

What do you put on your skin? Get the latest research about bedtime and bathing and how it affects both you and your little one.

Is Your Natural Personal Care Safe?

NapiNol's Booty Balm & Beyond is our favorite diaper ointment,  at Sprout, made up of only five organic ingredients. We asked Jen Scattereggia from NapiNol to explain the company's view of the multitude of “natural” products out there. Here are her thoughts: There is a huge market for natural and organic skincare products. Recognizing this demand,… Read more »

Thinkbaby’s Kevin Brodwick on BPA & Sunscreen

As any first time mom would attest, we are nervous about everything. From germs, to chemicals, to food, you want to do everything right.  When it came time to pick a bottle for my son, I knew there was no other choice but thinkbaby.  I met Kevin Brodwick, the founder of thinkbaby, on one of… Read more »

Protect Your Family from Toxic Flame Retardants

Protect Your Family from Toxic Flame Retardants

At first thought, the idea of having your baby’s products be flame retardant seems to make sense. Of course you want to protect your baby from the risk of being caught in a fire. However, as I began to learn that the rules for flame retardants in products like mattresses were created in the seventies… Read more »

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Gently massaging your baby offers benefits to both you and your baby.   In addition to the physical and mental health benefits, the massage can also be a wonderful bonding experience.  Massaging your baby helps to relax both parent and baby, and can promote healthy growth and weight gain, and aid in circulation and digestion for… Read more »

Sleep Safety Tips from Swellbeing

Janeen Hayward founded Swellbeing, a parenting consultancy, shortly after the birth of her first daughter in 2006. As a child development professional with a master's degree in clinical psychology, Janeen helps parents navigate the difficult terrain around sleep and offers advice and support on a host of other developmental issues including potty training, positive discipline… Read more »

Getting Your Baby to Sleep

As all new parents know, sleep is an important part of the baby’s, as well as your own, health and well-being.  Just like good nutrition, it’s important to start healthy sleeping habits early in your baby’s life.  In order to make sure that you and your baby are both getting enough sleep, you need to… Read more »

The Importance of Hand-Washing

We’ve all been told before that we should wash our hands, but perhaps you didn’t realize just how important it really is.  Did you know that regularly washing your hands helps keep your baby, your whole family, and even your community healthy?  Little kids share and spread germs throughout their communities, but studies have shown… Read more »