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Healthy feeding goes way beyond eating organically. We’ll steer you clear of the pesticides on your peaches and the toxins in your Tupperware.

Fall Squash Tips and Recipes

Check out these delicious recipes for your little ones from our friends at Fresh Baby Bites! Fall is a delicious time of year, especially for the little ones! At Fresh Baby Bites, we've been making fresh baby and toddler food since 2010. This time of year, we love incorporating winter squash into our menu. Butternut… Read more »

My Month Without Plastic

Sunday, April 24th, 2016A few weeks ago, I was in the offices of the Children's Environmental Health Center for a blood test for flame retardant chemicals. While there, we decided to do a test for other chemicals that are in plastics as well: Phthalates, BPA, BPS, BPF, and PVC. I decided to take this test and… Read more »

Monsanto Boycott List Explained

Read Sprout’s suggestions for healthy eating: Healthy Baby Guide to Food; Does Organic Food Really Matter for My Kids?; Tips on Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy Foods; & What’s so Bad About GMOs?. For great natural & organic baby products, start shopping! Monsanto Companies The “Do Not Buy – Monsanto Owned Companies” lists like this one have… Read more »

Time to Eat!

In keeping with our November Healthy Eating Newsletter, we have put together a shopping guide for everything you need to start your baby on solid foods. We at Sprout feel it is critical to choose healthy and organic options when looking at anything that comes into direct contact with your baby’s food.  With such a… Read more »

Does Organic Food Really Matter for My Kids?

Though many people have made the switch to organic formula and baby food, it still does not seem like many we speak to fully buy into the importance of eating organic at all ages and in every type of food. A lot of people tell me they wash their fruits well and believe that removes… Read more »

A Thanksgiving Recipe for Your Little One

Liz Huber created Sage Spoonfuls to make it easier for moms to create healthy baby food for their children. She started making homemade baby food after her first child was born.  She couldn’t find products on the market that made it easy for moms.  She had to completely improvise, labeling food with masking tape and… Read more »

Fresh Baby Bites to the Rescue

Fresh Baby Bites is a local San Francisco company whipping up all organic baby food with fresh, organic and locally sourced ingredients. They will deliver straight to your home or office once a week for $5 or you can opt to pick them up at Sprout San Francisco for free shipping. The two founders behind… Read more »

Thinkbaby’s Kevin Brodwick on BPA & Sunscreen

As any first time mom would attest, we are nervous about everything. From germs, to chemicals, to food, you want to do everything right.  When it came time to pick a bottle for my son, I knew there was no other choice but thinkbaby.  I met Kevin Brodwick, the founder of thinkbaby, on one of… Read more »

Sprout Nutrition: Picky Eaters

Robin Barrie Kaiden is renowned for helping people of all ages embrace a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and fitness counseling.  As a Licensed Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer, her smart and sensible approach to pediatrics, weight loss, sports nutrition, allergies, cardiovascular health, pre/post natal, and other areas of clinical and lifestyle nutrition has resonated with… Read more »

Taking Care of Your Child’s Teeth

We are often asked at the store when kids should start to brush their teeth. We usually refer people to their pediatrician or dentist. Dr. Mary Tierney from City Kids Dental in Chicago gives her tips below on what parents should know about their children's dental health. Things that will surprise you that are bad… Read more »