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Foonf or Fllo – Which Clek Convertible Car Seat is Right for You?

Sprout independently tested the Foonf (the Fllo that we sell is made of the same materials) to ensure it is free from the most harmful flame retardants.

Clek’s Foonf & Fllo are both best-in-class for safety, but they have small differences. Compare them here to decide which is best for your needs.

The Base
Foonf features a removable wedge-shaped base for use in rear-facing position.
Fllo has a flat base with an integrated rear-facing flip foot.

The Installation
Foonf features Rigid-LATCH, which makes correct forward-facing installation incredibly easy, standard latch is used for rear-facing installation.
Fllo has standard LATCH attachment, facing either direction.
Both can also be used with your vehicle’s safety belt, facing either direction.

The Dimensions
Both seat sections are exactly the same, however, the bases make the overall dimensions a little different.
Foonf has an additional detachable wedge for use when rear-facing, the forward-facing base also has a different design to accommodate the Rigid-LATCH, making Foonf a little larger overall.
Fllo has a smaller base, making it a little more compact overall.

The Weight
Foonf: 38 lbs (33 lbs forward-facing without the wedge base or Anti-Rebound Bar)
Fllo: 28 lbs (25 lbs forward-facing without the Anti-Rebound Bar)

The Features
Foonf has 2 recline positions when forward-facing.
Fllo has 1 recline position when forward-facing.
Both Foonf & Fllo have the same:
• Height and weight limits.
• Steel anti-rebound bar for added stability and secure rear-facing installation.
• Advanced side impact protection, steel bars, and structural headrests.
• Less than 17 inches wide + fits 3-across in most vehicles.
• GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton® Super Fabrics and are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants.

The Crumple Zone
Both Foonf and Fllo are incredibly safe; there are small differences in the crumple zone technology to accommodate the different bases.

The safest car seat is the one that fits your child, fits your vehicle, and is used correctly. With this in mind, when choosing between the Foonf vs. Fllo, you need to consider the method of installation. If installing forward-facing with LATCH (UAS), we recommend Foonf due to the REACT Safety System that is designed to work with a Rigid-LATCH (UAS) installation. Otherwise, Fllo would be the better option with $70-$100 in savings.

So, Which One Should You Get?
You should buy Foonf if:
• You are planning on installing the seat forward-facing with LATCH (UAS) where you will benefit from the REACT Safety System if in a collision.
• You want the convenience of a quick, easy and secure forward-facing installation.
• You would like to have multiple recline options for your forward or rear-facing child.
You should buy Fllo if:
• You are planning on using the seat until the maximum rear-facing limit and then move into a booster seat shortly thereafter (within the following year).
• You are planning to install in a seating position that does not have LATCH (UAS).
• You are planning to install 3-across (you can’t usually use the LATCH (UAS) system when installing three seats in a row, which is the main driver for selecting a Foonf over a Fllo).
• You prefer that the seat sit lower to the vehicle seat to help with visibility for driver and passenger (Fllo sits approximately 1.5 inches lower than Foonf, when installed Rear-Facing).

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