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Lovies & Blankets: Keep it Natural & Soft

As someone who likes everything to be soft, I understand why some of the most popular children’s blankets and lovies are those that feel the most luxurious to the touch. What I have never understood, however, is why these seem to all be made from polyester, a non-breathable petroleum-based product. I understand the appeal. These products are easily washable and beautiful. Yet, newborn babies are cuddling with and sucking on these blankies that are not able to be breathed through if they were to put it over their heads.

It is especially hard for me to understand now that there are equally beautiful and soft organic cotton lovies and blankets on the market. My daughter cannot fall asleep without one of these Fleece Lovies in her grasp. Everyone who sees it thinks it looks just like another popular polyster brand. It’s just as luxurious and no more expensive than the alternative. And for those whose kids like a lovie with an adorable little animal on it, the softness and cuteness of these organic cotton Picnic Pal Blankies rival any on the market. 

With the lessons learned from SIDS, most new parents are concerned about the air flow around their newborns these days. That is why you want a firm mattress and shouldn’t put toys in the crib. Cotton, and especially untreated organic cotton, is perfectly breathable and let’s air pass through. If you are going to have your baby spending time (in the car, in the stroller, in your lap…) with a blanket over his face and in his mouth, where it will inevitably end up, wouldn’t you rather it be made of a natural fiber than one that’s unbreathable and derived from petroleum?

My advice on this (and most other baby products) is to take a look around. Don’t purchase the blanket the celebrities wrap their babies in or the lovies your friend’s kid totes around just because that is the one you have heard of. These days, you can find soft and beautiful organic cotton options that your kids will love if you just take a minute to look.

– Suzanne