Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat

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Provides comfort, style, and protection. Sprout San Francisco independently tested the foam to confirm it is free from the most harmful flame retardants.

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Nuna's clever & fashionable Pipa Infant Car Seat provides comfort, style, and protection for little lives. The revolutionary dream drape™ creates a shelter that harbors baby from the elements. Sprout San Francisco independently tested the Nuna Pipa Car Seat Foam and confirmed it is free from the most harmful flame retardants.

  • Age: 4-32 pounds.
  • Rear-facing true lock™ installation makes set up swift, simple, and above all — safe.
  • Installs to base in 5 seconds with 2 easy steps.
  • Indicators on the stability leg and lower rigid attachments (LATCH) minimize installation error.
  • Dual bubble level indicators confirm correct angle.
  • LATCH-free option allows the base to be installed securely with a vehicle's seat belt.
  • Can be safely installed without the base, using a vehicle’s seat belt — perfect for taxis.
  • 5-point harness.
  • Side impact protection.
  • Infant insert keeps baby comfy from day one.
  • Works with Nuna and Maxi-Cosi® adapters, transforming into a travel system with over 20 strollers.
  • Ultra lightweight, yet heavy-duty shell made out of highly resilient, top-of-the-line plastics.
  • The revolutionary dream drape™ is an integrated, removable, full-coverage, 2-position canopy that provides extra protection from the elements. It attaches with hidden magnets and tucks away neatly in a hidden compartment.
  • A mesh window provides both air-flow for baby and a bird's eye view for you.
  • Fabric is sleek & savvy, keeping baby cool in hot temperatures and toasty in cold weather.
  • Ergonomically designed, the lightweight aluminum handle bar allows you to tote with ease.
  • Aircraft certified.
  • Includes car seat base; an additional base can be purchased separately.
  • Car Seat expires 7 years from the date of manufacture.
  • For safety concerns, Car Seats are not eligible for return unless unused and the original packaging is unopened.
  • Nuna fabric, fiber fill, and foam all abide by European REACH and EN71 standards as well as the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).
  • Hard goods made with plastics & metals comply with European REACH and EN71 standards as well as the US Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).
  • Sprout conducted independent testing through Duke University on the Nuna Pipa Car Seat Foam to ensure there are no traces of toxic flame retardants (such as Tris), and it came back negative for any elements of concern.
  • In early 2017, a new Ecology Center report placed this car seat in their bottom category. At Sprout, we are always striving to ensure everything we sell is the healthiest possible option. We noticed a wide disparity between car seats in their bottom category, so consulted directly with the scientists behind the report to ensure we had all the facts regarding the Nuna Pipa. Two brominated fire retardant chemicals were found to be present in the canopy. BrP is known to have bigger molecules, and thus not come off the fabric, so is less of a concern according to this scientist behind the report. The main concern is the Tbc found only on the fabric of the canopy, which does not come into contact with the baby if you leave it up. For this reason, we have decided to continue selling the Nuna Pipa Car Seat. We will continue to push Nuna to find a new solution for the canopy.
  • Our whole collection is free of toxic chemicals (that includes the big ones you’ve heard about—BPA, phthalates, toxic dyes & perfumes, pesticides, PVC, & added formaldehyde—plus many you haven’t heard of yet).
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