Our Founder

Suzanne Price founder of Sprout with her daughtersMeet Suzanne. She’s on a crusade to make it easier for parents to create a healthy, beautiful home for their children.

Previously a Senior Equity Research Analyst in the Green Living Consumer Sector at ThinkEquity, a San Francisco-based investment bank, Suzanne spent several years studying organic products and the impact of toxic chemicals on our bodies. Thinking about starting a family in the midst of this research was, to say the least, quite intimidating. She realized that there was no one place to shop that carried all-natural baby products and employed knowledgeable salespeople. In 2009, Suzanne founded Sprout.

Sprout has everything you need to make your home safe, healthy, and adorable for a new baby—all under one roof. Everything is individually stamped with Suzanne’s seal of approval.

Everyday Suzanne is inspired by her daughters, Hannah and Amber, to keep up-to-date on child safety and chemical research, making it easy for new parents to provide healthy environments for all of their children.

Suzanne has an MBA from Columbia Business School. She is on the board of Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, is Vice Chairman of the board of the Children’s Environmental Health Center (CEHC), and is a member of the Cancer Free Economy Network.

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