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Category: At Play

Playtime is more than fun and games with tips from Sprout it’s safe and educational, too! We keep you up to date on the latest research into keeping toys healthy, safe, and free from harmful chemicals. From play dates to relaxing at home, we’ve got you covered.

Going on a Gator Hunt: PlanToys Factory Tour

At Sprout, we often have customers looking to purchase products made only in the United States. Though we understand this sentiment, we feel that we work with wonderful vendors, many of whom own their own factories and ensure that their employees work in safe and sustainable conditions. These companies often provide much needed jobs to… Read more »

Literacy in the First Five Years

By Kristin Michaelson, M.Ed Literacy is a process that begins with the simple experiences of hearing language from caregivers and the shared reading and handling of books.  To encourage literacy development at home: talk to (and with) your child, create a print-rich environment, sing songs, and read books together.  Read on for more specific activities,… Read more »

baby sign language

Sign Language for Your Little One

I started taking baby sign language classes with my daughter Hannah because I thought it would be a fun and useful activity that would enable her to tell me when she was hungry or tired. It has become so much more for us. It has been a wonderful way for now 18-month-old Hannah to communicate… Read more »

Healthy & Organic Travel Tips for the Whole Family!

We all know how crazy it can be when packing for a trip for you and your family…let alone remembering to pack healthy snacks and safe products to use while on your trip. Luckily, there are new products that make it very easy to travel without sacrificing your health. Here are our tips and suggestions… Read more »

The Benefits of Baby Massage

Gently massaging your baby offers benefits to both you and your baby.   In addition to the physical and mental health benefits, the massage can also be a wonderful bonding experience.  Massaging your baby helps to relax both parent and baby, and can promote healthy growth and weight gain, and aid in circulation and digestion for… Read more »

Using Play to Foster Speech Development

Did you know that just by playing with your infant you can help encourage her speech and language development? We spend so much time assisting our children through day-to-day routines that we often forget to get down on the floor and just play. We spoke with Amy Keller, M.S. CCC-SLP, a speech- language pathologist who… Read more »