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Benefits of Merino Wool – Organic Clothing for your Children

At Sprout, we believe in sustainable, safe, and natural clothing for our children. This is why we are such big fans of Merino wool. The Merino is one of the most ancient and toughest breeds of sheep originally from Spain. Today, they are commonly bred for their fine wool qualities in New Zealand.

So, what makes Merino wool so special?

  • The wool itself is long, white, and very fine. This helps the sheep survive the very hot summers and freezing winters of New Zealand’s rugged Southern Alps range. The wool helps the sheep regulate their body temperatures, a trait which carries over to the clothing made from it. When it gets cold, the wool will stay warm – a treat for babies wrapped in this type of wool.
  • Wool has tiny air pockets which help increase these thermal properties. Though a natural product, cotton needs to be artificially made to hold these air pockets, whereas wool holds it naturally – and we are all about natural!
  • Merino wool also holds its color, quality, and elasticity very well. Clothing made from Merino wool is designed to last a long time. In a society where disposable or “fast” fashion is dominating the stores, it is refreshing to see quality clothing that can grow with your child, get handed down through your family, and last for many years while still maintaining a high level of quality.

Our Merino Wool Partners

We are proud to partner with organizations that utilize Merino wool. One example is Nui Organics. They use certified organic wool. This means that from farm to finished product, the wool is as safe and clean as possible – certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Nui ensures that everything on or brought to the farm, including any medical treatments for the sheep, have been approved by GOTS.

Did you know that wool is processed through scouring? While the cheapest way to scour wool is through the use of chemicals, Nui keeps it all organic. This is important for their brand and mission. They create clothing that is clean for the land, animals, farmers, factory workers, and at the end of the line – you and your family.

Check out these adorable wool hats by Nui Organics:

Perfect for the cold days ahead! Tap the image to start shopping!

Dory Beanie in Denim hue made from Merino wool.

Dory Beanie, Denim

Dory Beanie in Silver made from Merino wool.

Dory Beanie, Silver

Dory Beanie in Cedar made from Merino wool.

Dory Beanie, Cedar