Wayb Pico Car Seat

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A travel car seat that is actually portable and even fits in an overhead bin.

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Wayb Pico Car Seat

A travel car seat that is actually portable that even fits in an overhead bin.  This travel car seat is great for air travel, ride share, grandparents and more.  The perfect lightweight option to make sure you always have a car seat on hand.

  • Age: Forward-facing travel car seat for kids 22-50 pounds and 30-45 inches tall.
  • Dimensions: Storage Position: 11.6” L x 14.5” W x 18.9” H; Lowest Use Position: 15.2” L x 14.5” W x 22.8” H; Highest Use Position: 15.2” L x 14.5” W x 27.8” H
  • Made of Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and Wool/polyester blend AstroKnit™
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy is ultralight, super strong, and absorbs energy forces in a crash. The Pico travel car seat is designed with the planet in mind, using minimal plastic components and no PU foam.
  • Wool/polyester blend AstroKnit™ is breathable and ergonomic, keeping little travelers comfortable. Pico’s frame sections are covered with a rugged polyester material. WAYB’s AstroKnit™ Performance Mesh: a proprietary performance fabric we use in the areas a child’s skin touches most—the seat, backrest, and headrest. AstroKnit mesh is a wool-polyester blend, and thanks to the flame resistant qualities of wool, it’s inherently flame resistant with no added chemicals.
  • The Pico’s AstroKnit mesh is an FR-free wool-poly blend, and it’s located on areas of the Pico where the child’s skin comes into contact most. The other (non-mesh) polyester on the Pico has a phosphorus flame retardant chemically bonded to the fiber. It doesn’t use any halogenated (brominated or chlorinated) flame retardants.
  • Manufactured in the Philippines
  • Our whole collection is free of toxic chemicals (that includes the big ones you’ve heard about—BPA, phthalates, toxic dyes & perfumes, pesticides, PVC, & added formaldehyde—plus many you haven’t heard of yet).
  • Learn about Our Mission as well as Our Criteria for everything we sell.
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