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Why Sprout

Our Mission

With so many modern changes in our world and a constant barrage of new chemicals and recalls being thrown at us, it is hard being a new parent! How do you choose the healthiest and safest products for your child? We can help.

Our Criteria

We hand-pick only the safest & healthiest products for our children. Learn More.

Our Founder

Meet Suzanne. She’s on a crusade to make it easier for parents to create a healthy, beautiful home for their children. Previously a Senior Equity Research Analyst in the Green Living Consumer Sector at ThinkEquity... Read More.

Our Advisory Board

Meet Sprout San Francisco's Advisory Board. In addition to her own research, Founder & CEO Suzanne Price, regularly consults with these industry leaders for their expertise on the latest scientific data, studies, and research. Learn more.

Our Press

How best to respond to the ecological challenges of our time?...We stand by a new tot boutique and resource center packed to the gills with everything a parent needs (including knowledge) to build a green nursery... Read More.