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Our Mission

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With so many changes in our world and a constant barrage of new chemicals and recalls being thrown at us, it is hard being a new parent! It's our mission to help you choose the healthiest and safest products for your child.

Our Criteria

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We hand-pick only the safest & healthiest products for our children. We explain the 3 main categories products must fall under to be considered a "Sprout-Approved" item. Learn More.

Our Founder

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Meet Suzanne. She’s on a crusade to make it easier for parents to create a healthy, beautiful home for their children. Read More.

Our Advisory Board

In addition to her own research, Founder & CEO Suzanne Price, regularly consults with these industry leaders for their expertise on the latest scientific data, studies, and research. Meet Sprout San Francisco's Advisory Board.

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At Sprout, we are working to make this world a healthier place for our children, our families, and ourselves. Learn how you can join us in the fight.

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